How A Local Yarn Shop Gained Global Attention w/ Lynn Coe

BIO: Lynn has been crafting since a child.  Her love of knitting led her to become owner of Knit 1, a yarn store in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood.  Also, she has started to embrace new crafts such as crochet and needle punching. […]

What to Consider Before Starting an Online Craft Business

Turning A Hobby into A Business Are you ready to take your craft hobby to the next level? Wondering how to start an online craft business? Due to the increasing demand for handmade goods, you’re off to a good start. During the […]

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She Rocks It Article Feature of Crafty Hands Club

Hey Craft Cuties! I’m so excited to share this with you! I usually feature articles of crafters and craft businesses, but this time I’ve decided to switch things up a little. I wrote a featured article for She Rocks It Magazine, Summer […]

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What Should A Business Pitch Include for Craft Businesses?

At the time, I wasn’t aware that I was pitching a business opportunity. Long before the business reality show Shark Tank, my capstone course assignment in graduate school was to create a Mock business and present it to peers and a panel […]

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South African Knitwear Designer Craft Patterns Led to Successful Business

Nomagugu Ndlovu (Pronounced Nor-ma Nd-lovu) got exposed to a variety of crafts as a small child. While her mom and aunt sewed, crocheted, and knitted, Nomagugu learned to knit herself at 5. She became so skilled that she was able to assist […]

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