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I”m Carriece Jefferson, owner and founder of Crafty Hands Club Magazine. It’s a digital and education platform for crafters, from all walks of life. I’m a writer, teacher, speaker, and crafter who enjoy learning from others.

If you want to connect with other crafters, hear authentic stories, get craft business tips, or develop your crafting skills – this is for you.

Are you thinking about turning your craft hobby into a side business, but you’re not a numbers person or you want to learn the business side of crafts??

We help crafters:

  • Turn start and build a profitable side business by helping them know and understand business numbers to make sound decisions
  • Understand how numbers play a role in every aspect of business
  • Learn business tips and insight through digital content
  • Connect with other crafts
  • Make their crafts a lifestyle

Ready to Make Your Crafts A Business?

Turn Your Crafts Into A Profitable Business E-book will help you make sound decisions, understand the business end of crafts, and see how numbers play a role in every aspect of business.

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