Crafter Cheryl Hinton Converts Basement Into A Dream Craft Room

Nowadays, crafters can find craft room inspirations anywhere. You can follow hashtags on Instagram and see various image ideas. You can see YouTube videos of craft room tours. Pinterest gives plenty of pinned ideas as well. Then there are convertible storages that turn into a craft station. Die-hard crafters take pride in their craft spaces. Everything from a converted garage (remember She-Shed anyone?) to the living room becoming a craft space. Some crafters might not have the funds to create an ideal space. They get creative by carving out a tiny house area with a decorative craft cart holding supplies and materials. Others simply use a table to set up a craft station. A craft space can be simple or fancy, depending upon personal style or preference. To add, it doesn’t have to cost thousands of dollars to have an attractive space. 

Cheryl Hinton, Owner of Black Dollz Rock

Serial crafter Cheryl Hinton dreamed of putting together her ideal craft room. Converting her basement into a craft room was a five-year plan. She used her event decoration and sewing skills to create her creative oasis. The color scheme of red/white/black reflects her passion and faith in Christianity. She also wanted her room to showcase her personality and energy.

Here are images of Cheryl’s converted craft room below.

Drawer Interior
Counter View Sideways
Bench Area
Sewing Station
Wall Affirmation
Hand Sewn Curtain and Bag
Cardmaking Station
Craft Storage

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