The DIY Way: Helping Women feel Healthy and Beautiful

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My goal is to help women feel confident in their own bodies and take control of their beauty routines.”

DIY Beauty

Make It Classy started as a natural hair and beauty blog in 2010 called, www.classycurlies.com created by Victoria Smith. After years of highlighting women’s stories, she changed directions. The blog site started serving as an online resource for women of color with naturally curly hair, which is still available today. This space became a platform for her to showcase do-it-yourself (DIY) plant-based beauty recipes and speak more on healthy living for women of all shades.

It started with a class…

While teaching DIY beauty classes in the Indianapolis area, many of her attendees wanted to keep making products but at home. Shortly after, she created the Make It Classy beauty box, which functions like a dinner kit and includes everything needed – recipe cards, packaging, ingredients, etc. Customers can make their own face masks, body scrubs, and hair products, just to name a few. In addition to the box, Make it Classy also offers ready-made plant-based products.

Make It Classy has been featured on Good Morning America and in magazine publications, such as Glamour and Vanity Fair.

Here are a few things Victoria Smith, founder, and CEO of Make It Classy shared about her brand.

Is there a backstory behind the name Make It Classy other than the natural hair care blog?

“The word “classy” is something that’s carried throughout all of my brands. The “Make It” part comes from our do-it-yourself (DIY) roots.”

What skin and hair types are your products for?

“Our products serve all hair types and skin tones. Women with curly and kinky hair like mine or women who have straight and fine hair can find that our products work well for them. The same way for our skincare products. Since our products contain plant-based ingredients, we target women who are only interested in organic beauty products.”

What health tips would you provide readers regarding skin and hair care?

“Tips for women can be found on our Beauty With Class blog, but one of my favorites right now involves taking care of yourself. I know so many women that neglect their basic needs because life just gets so busy. Take some time to deep condition your hair, properly cleanse your skin, massage your body. Small actions like these add up.”

What do you consider self-care?

“Self-care means a lot of things nowadays. Yes, we as a company like for our customers to unwind with a face mask or bath bomb, but we know and preach that self-care truly means filling your cup. It means replenishing your life with whatever is missing at the moment and that can be physical, mental, spiritual, or other areas of life.”

Recently, Make It Classy was featured on Good Morning America. Tell us about your experience. What advice can you offer someone who’s looking to have their product(s) featured on television media?

“Being featured on Good Morning America was very exciting! I sat by the computer as the segment aired and watched the website numbers explode and orders pour in. I was very thankful for that moment and others that were similar. It’s nice to see your hard work pay off. There aren’t any secrets to securing media spots except continuing to create good products that people don’t mind talking about by adding value to customer’s lives.”

To learn more about Make It Classy, please visit www.makeitclassydiy.com or follow them on Facebook and Instagram @makeitclassydiy

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