Becoming A Fiber Artist After Leaving the Hair Industry

By Sumayyah Abdul Haqq

For 22 years, I gave my heart, soul, love, passion, and creativity to hairstyling. I was known for creating healthy, unique styles for African Americans. Then the unthinkable happened. Over time, my drive for hair diminished. At the time, I didn’t know what the next endeavor would be, but I wanted to do something creative. I retired from being a beautician at the top of 2020. 

Now that I had more time to spend at home, I pivoted to decorating things around the house. After a growing interest, I decided to make it a business. I love working with yarn and fabrics. I’m a fiber artist that’s introverted and big on individuality. 

Colors give me joy, and playing with them is so much fun. The more colors there are in a design, the better, in my opinion. I always liked putting together funky outfits along with mixing and matching pieces. Now those elements are incorporated into my creations. My fiber arts style is a mix of boho, eclectic, and hippie. 

Plants were another passion that I discovered. I started following accounts on Instagram, and they went well with the items I was making. Little by little, my collection began to grow. The process of caring for them and seeing them grow helped my anxiety, especially during the pandemic. 

It was time to make another change. In July 2021, I relocated to Charleston, South Carolina. I lived in the Bay Area for 11 years. There are many artists and communities on the west coast, but I’ve found a friendly artists community here in Charleston. 

My business, Suzari Designs, has been a good experience so far. 

I sell earrings, wall hangings, mirrors, plant hangers, garlands, and bouquets. If you’ve never made anything before, here’s my advice: don’t feel like you have to create for profit. Creating to spark joy is far more critical; let it flow and just be.


Sumayyah A. Haqq

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