Nache Snow Helping Women To Focus and Take Action

Nache’ Snow is a podcaster, online educator, and maker. In addition, she loves to blog, journal, and make videos. Her website is a resource website that helps crafters, makers, and creatives pursue their passion by arming them with the best advice about productivity, journaling, and running a creative business so they can effectively accomplish their dreams. 

Who are you, what is your family like, and what was your upbringing like?

I was born and raised in Chicago, IL, and grew up making crafts with my mom, reading Nancy Drew books, and thinking I would be the next Indiana Jones. Creating things is something I always loved. Having a mom who was a maker and a grandmother who was into photography fostered my creativity.

You are a career woman who’s a maker, podcast host, and productivity/side hustle queen. What have you learned from them?

They’ve taught me that time is precious, and tomorrow isn’t promised. Being a maker taught me to experiment and not be afraid of making mistakes. Happy accidents can lead to beautiful creations. I honed my listening skills, and learned how to ask the right questions as a podcast host. As a self-proclaimed productivity/side hustle queen, I’ve learned how to strategically plan my time.

“Happy accidents can lead to beautiful creations.”

Talk about your podcast.

Studio 78 Podcast is about “everyday women, doing extraordinary things.” I wanted women to know pursuing their passions and monetizing them was within reach. I was lucky enough to land some fantastic guests. As the seasons went on, I niched down to watercolorists, photographers, stained glass artists, etc. Creators/makers are about 90 percent of my guests. As a minority creator, I like to showcase the diverse talent of BIPOCs.

What started the path to becoming a maker? What are your favorite things to make?

My mother and I made things when I was a child, and I carried that love into adulthood. There was a time in my 30s when I wanted to learn sewing. My mother made her clothes as a teen, so I went to her to learn. She taught me how to use a sewing machine, read and use patterns. For a short stint, we made and sold handmade bags.

Now I’m into making stained glass pieces. It’s incredible, to see a pattern in your head, and end up with these beautiful pieces of art that capture the light. I also enjoy making jewelry, wooden bead home decor, laser-cut objects, and bookbinding.

What about your creative process?

I love discovering new techniques. Learning a craft or art form unlocks a part of my creative soul. Journaling allows me to capture my memories, go back and see evidence of goal progress. It also gives me a creative outlet to hand-letter, scrapbook, and use stickers!

Stained glass and making jewelry challenge me to create patterns that make something beautiful. Do you know how working a puzzle increases the dopamine in the brain? I swear making art does the same for me.

Where do you see yourself creative-wise within the next five years?

To have a piece of art in a museum, get commissioned, or create for an upscale hotel, restaurant, or store. I’d also love to have a creative studio. Lastly, in the next five years, I imagine that I will have picked up at least two new crafts!

Name a few instances where you’ve gotten the nickname the productivity/side hustle queen.

I’m close to being at inbox zero with all of my email addresses. Through the years, I’ve created systems that allow me to get through my emails quickly.

When I said I would write The Life Cleanse Journal and do The Studio 78 Podcast, people were skeptical. By setting up parameters, creating a plan, and developing Standard Operating Procedures (sops), I got it done.

I like things organized, and I believe in taking action and meeting deadlines. But I am also known for giving myself a little grace because it’s necessary.

What productivity tips do you have for moms or women who are stuck but have the desire to meet a goal?

I have three simple tips:

  • First, know where your time is going. My clients write down or digitally track their time for a week. This helps them see their current focus better. It feels unnecessary, but it’s key to making progress.
  • Then, trim the fat or move items around to make space for the action items you need to accomplish your goals.
  • Lastly, choose a productivity system that works for your brain. In episode 144 of the Studio 78 Podcast, I chat about some, including Eat The Frog, GTD, Zen to Done, and The Pomodoro Technique.

Another way is to write down what you want to accomplish by a specific date, and map out what action steps are necessary. Break your goals up into weeks and add them to a calendar and make them a priority. Forgive yourself if you miss a deadline and have the confidence to know that you can accomplish just about anything.

Journaling Time

What are three fun facts about yourself?

  • I’m 6’1. When most people meet me for the first time, they are surprised. I have big feet too.
  • I’m half Jamaican, and my friends swear it’s my Jamaican blood that allows me to wear multiple hats at one time.
  • I’m a techie. Yes, I love making things with my hands. Still, I also love using Procreate, making videos, buying Apple products, and learning about the Metaverse.

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