Pantone Color of The Year: Three ‘Very Peri’ Inspired DIY Projects

2022 Pantone Color of The Year

In December, Pantone announced the color of the year. This year’s color is Very Peri. If you’re wondering what actually makes up the color, it’s a more profound variation of Periwinkle. In other words, it’s a mix of blue, violet, and a hint of red.

Make Something Challenge

What better way to start the new year making DIY crafts using the latest color? Announcements were made on social media platforms at the beginning of the year. It could be any craft type as long as the Very Peri was incorporated somehow. Challenge started on January 10th and ended on February 4th.

Wearable Art: How These Three Crafters Used ‘Very Peri’?

1. Mix-N-Match

Phyllis Woods (who goes by Onyx Moon on Facebook) made this beautiful, two-colored crochet sweater. 

2. Made To Stand Out

These lovely earrings were made by handcrafted jewelry design artist Rosiland Burch. Earrings are mostly seed beads with green and copper accent beads.

3. All About The Print

Sewing enthusiast Felicia Alston took a different approach and decided to use print fabric made of various shades of violet/purple.

What are your thoughts on the three ways in which ‘very peri’ was used? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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