Submission Guidelines:


Crafty Hands Club Magazine delivers valuable content to crafters from all walks of life.  We value honest, authentic conversations about crafts and we believe that every crafter belongs at the table.

We welcome new articles from craft enthusiasts, bloggers, or writers. No formal training or published works are required. We would love for you to share your story to connect with our readers. Good story sharing encourages, inspires, motivates, and helps others. 

Feel free to write articles about your craft journey, crafting experiences, knowledge, struggles, success stories, and helpful tips. We want articles that encourage, inspire, and motivate readers.

  • What can they learn to improve their craft journey?
  • Can my story give fellow crafters a new perspective on a particular topic?
  • What can fellow crafters incorporate into their lifestyle from my story?
  • Are my ideas/tips helpful to other crafters?

All submitted work must be original and must not have been published elsewhere.

If submission is accepted, you will retain ownership and copyright but agree that CHC Magazine has the right to distribute. Crafty Hands Club Magazine has the right to make necessary edits (spelling, grammar, sentence structure, title) or shorten to fit within word count guidelines. 

Before submitting your article, make sure that work is original and does not infringe on others’ copyrights or privacy rights (this includes photos also).

Submissions are checked for plagiarism. Plagiarized work will be returned. 

Promotional articles aren’t accepted.

Currently seeking article submissions for October “Be You” Issue in one of the following areas:

  • Tutorials: fall craft projects for individuals, families, or groups. easy-to-follow instructions, beginner’s level.
  • Lifestyle Crafting: how do you fit crafts into your lifestyle, what sparked the interest, length of time crafting
  • Crafter Journeys: Share your story, what crafts have you learned, would like to learn, or been doing
  • Homeschooling/Education: how using crafts help child development, relationships between parents and children, tips for parents
  • Business: Small craft business owners (startup or less than 5 years); talk about entrepreneurship journey and when you knew it was time to make it a business
  • Newbie Crafters: those who’ve been crafting one year or less
  • Fall Craft Traditions: If you have a particular craft that you enjoy doing in the fall season, feel free to talk about it
  • Life Events that Led to Crafting: Loss of loved one, divorce, recovering from surgery, etc.

Submit your article in Microsoft Word or Google Docs only (no PDFs and articles in body of emails). Articles should be between 500-2000 words.

Include the following information in your article submission:

  • Catchy Title
  • 2-3 high resolution relevant images (including one headshot)
  • 3-5 sentence bio of who you are and what you do
  • Website link
  • Social media handle(s)

Email submissions to: for consideration. Response time is within 14 days after submission has been received. 

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Podcast Guest:

Would you like to reach a new audience? 

Want to share craft-related stories, knowledge, helpful tips, and/or experience that give listeners motivation, inspiration, and insight?

Being a podcast guest gives you the opportunity to do so. 

Crafty Hands Club podcast helps crafters connect with other crafters, make their crafts a lifestyle, and turn crafts into a profitable side gig.

Weekly podcast episodes provide valuable takeaways for listeners to grow in their craft journey. Podcast episodes are interview/conversational format and recording time is between 20-60 minutes. 

For consideration, please submit the following to

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • Business Name
  • Website Address
  • Social Media Handles
  • Why should you be a guest on CHC podcast? 
  • Subject matter 

If submission is accepted, you will receive an email response within 14 days with a calendar link to select date and time. Once confirmed, you’ll be asked to submit a professional headshot and a bio of 2-4 sentences. 

Listen to podcast episodes here

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