Stop Giving Discounts in Your Business: Give Value Instead

Are you finding yourself giving customers more discounts than intended? Find Yourself playing pricing defense with customers who feel that your product or service isn’t “worth the price?” Only attracting potential customers who are always price haggling? Giving Discounts Isn’t the Answer […]

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How A Local Yarn Shop Gained Global Attention w/ Lynn Coe

BIO: Lynn has been crafting since a child.  Her love of knitting led her to become owner of Knit 1, a yarn store in Chicago’s North Center neighborhood.  Also, she has started to embrace new crafts such as crochet and needle punching. […]

What Should A Business Pitch Include for Craft Businesses?

At the time, I wasn’t aware that I was pitching a business opportunity. Long before the business reality show Shark Tank, my capstone course assignment in graduate school was to create a Mock business and present it to peers and a panel […]

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Product Pricing From A Profitable Standpoint

Pricing products is the one area of business that many business owners struggle with the most. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard craft sellers say, “I don’t want to charge customers too much.” or “I keep prices low so […]

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Bookkeeping and Accounting: What’s the Difference?

When it comes to business finances, bookkeeping and accounting are at the forefront. Depending upon business size, financial roles are either combined or separated. Bookkeeping is a small but crucial function of the accounting cycle. On the flip side, accounting involves analysis, […]

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Self-Esteem for Entrepreneurs: Speak Up and Stand Up for Your Business

You must Speak Up and Stand Up in your business It’s plenty of aspiring and current business owners out there who have a great concept, the drive, the skillset, and everything in between but low self-esteem. If esteem issues are your struggle, […]

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