Midwest Craft Con’s New Membership Program for Crafters

Since entering the craft scene since 2016 Midwest Craft Con hasn’t missed a beat. Part founder Megan Green shares the progression of MWCC during a recent interview. Tell us all about Midwest Craft Con. What does the organization do, how did it […]

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How Handmade Sellers Can Use Etsy to Build a Brand and Have a Successful Store w/ Taylor Smith

Guest Bio: Taylor is a former teacher & co-owner of Studio Sisters, along with her sister Katie. Studio Sisters is a lifestyle brand for creative entrepreneurs that produces vinyl stickers. Her Etsy shop is ranked in the top 0.1% of all Etsy […]

Becoming A Fiber Artist After Leaving the Hair Industry

By Sumayyah Abdul Haqq For 22 years, I gave my heart, soul, love, passion, and creativity to hairstyling. I was known for creating healthy, unique styles for African Americans. Then the unthinkable happened. Over time, my drive for hair diminished. At the […]

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How To Find a Niche, Own It, Monetize It w/ Judi Townsend

BIO: Judi Townsend, known as the “mannequin queen” is founder and CEO of Mannequin Madness. While seeking a mosaic mannequin for a home garden project, she had no luck. Instead, she discovered a Bay-area business, selling and renting mannequins was going out […]

Stop Giving Discounts in Your Business: Give Value Instead

Are you finding yourself giving customers more discounts than intended? Find Yourself playing pricing defense with customers who feel that your product or service isn’t “worth the price?” Only attracting potential customers who are always price haggling? Giving Discounts Isn’t the Answer […]

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What to Consider Before Starting an Online Craft Business

Turning A Hobby into A Business Are you ready to take your craft hobby to the next level? Wondering how to start an online craft business? Due to the increasing demand for handmade goods, you’re off to a good start. During the […]

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South African Knitwear Designer Craft Patterns Led to Successful Business

Nomagugu Ndlovu (Pronounced Nor-ma Nd-lovu) got exposed to a variety of crafts as a small child. While her mom and aunt sewed, crocheted, and knitted, Nomagugu learned to knit herself at 5. She became so skilled that she was able to assist […]

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