The Ugly Art Club: Where Imperfection is Promoted

Make More Art

That’s what founders (Tiffany Goff Smith, DeeDee Carton, and Kristin Peterson) had in mind for the art community before opening its doors last September. They promote art that’s raw, soulful, and personal. Artists are strongly encouraged to show imperfection in their work instead of making something “post-worthy.” Regardless of where they are on their creative journey, The Ugly Art Club (TUAC) wants artists to focus on creating art daily and learning through practice. 

About The Ugly Art Club (TUAC)

It’s an all-inclusive membership for creatives seeking an encouraging art community. Members receive monthly themed challenges, four weekly inspirational videos from founders and a guest artist, and monthly campfire chats where members share their wins and creative lessons learned. Membership enrollments are three times per year (the next one will be May 1-3). “We want to focus on the art journeys of current members.” Kristin Peterson explained in response to limited enrollment periods.

Art Done by Members

Club members do various mixed-media and multimedia-based projects. Projects include journaling, bookmaking, collage art, fine drawing, painting, and clay jewelry making. You can follow them on Instagram or view their five-minute art videos on YouTube to see more of the club.

TUAC In The Future

They hope to be bigger and better while inspiring artists to support one another, share their work, and create more. In addition, The Ugly Art Club would like to see more acceptance of all art – style, journey, type, skill, complexity level, and ventures.


To learn more about the club, founders, and mission, please visit

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